Like most I have come in contact with, I read with dismay the recent letter to the editor from the OBA MP representing the constituents of #4 St. George’s South, Ms. Suzanne Roberts-Holshouser. 

 In her letter, she discusses the decision by the Bermuda Hospital Board to close the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre and categorically and incorrectly suggests that “..not Government and certainly not the OBA..” are culpable for the closure.  

 The Government appoints the BHB Board and the Board reports to the Government, so by extension, there is a shared responsibility. 

She also then went on to criticize PLP MP, Lovitta Foggo, for insisting that the constituents of the area should have been consulted on the closure.

I would like to remind Ms Roberts-Holshouser that all elected officials serve at the pleasure of their constituents. For her to claim that something as major as the closure of this facility is none of the business of the constituents, is indeed disturbing, and a trend we are beginning to see under an OBA government.

Just last month the OBA brought changes to the Municipalities Act. They claimed that two meetings for input from the over 2,600 affected municipality voters , and one meeting with each of the Corporations respectively, was more than adequate ac prior to introducing sweeping changes to the act. 

 In contrast, the OBA brought forth amendments to the Incentive for Job Makers Act citing “extensive consultation” with IB. 

 Are we seeing a pattern here?  Minimal consultation for local issues is more than enough, but extensive consultation with overseas partners is always needed.

Real people, real experiences

Ms Roberts-Holshouser goes on to state that had Ms Foggo visited the Centre, as she says she has done, it must have been obvious to her that it was underutilised. 

Well, I have visited the centre on several occasions this year alone for medical issues and found it to be fast, efficient and utilized by many east end residents.  

So who are we to believe, the people who actually have used the facility? Or the “seemingly disconnected” politician who poked her head in for a few minutes? 

Wait, lest we forget, the residents who live in the area should not expect to be consulted, so the head poke should be enough. 

To further insult the electorate, Ms Roberts-Holhouser compares having a potentially lifesaving facility open or closed, to the likes of opening a Disneyland, an opera house, movie studio, fairground or a golf course.  I shudder to think that this is how the OBA places value on the public’s health.

In my next column I will drill down on:

• The reasons given for the closure of the clinic;

• The implications of a closed clinic;

• A potential viable alternative to closing down the clinic.

To the residents of St George’s and St David’s, as a representative of the people of Bermuda, and in particularly my kinfolk of the eastern end of Bermuda, I will always ensure that you are informed of all matters of importance in our communities. 

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