How it used to be: Kart racing down Front Street is to return in late May this year with a two-day event featuring up to 40 karts. *File photo
How it used to be: Kart racing down Front Street is to return in late May this year with a two-day event featuring up to 40 karts. *File photo

Fasten your seat belts because Front Street racing is returning after a 12-year absence.

The Bermuda Karting Club and the Corporation of Hamilton have agreed to stage the two-day Hamilton Grand Prix on May 31-June 1.

Subject to the Club gaining the required $30,000-$35,000 in sponsorship, the high-octane racing is set to once again attract crowds of up to 8,000 like it did in its heyday.

Up to 40 karts will negotiate the course, which winds around Albuoy’s Point, up Bermudiana Road, across the one-way street and back down Front Street to the flag pole, with invitations also set to be offered to a number of drivers from the US.

The Corporation has also agreed to repave parts of the track, work that is expected to be done in March.

BKC president Scott ‘Skitchy’ Barnes told the Bermuda Sun: “The Corporation are actually more excited then we are, surprisingly! 

“Most of the track should be freshly repaved. They’ve already repaved part of it so they are pretty excited.

“It’s a big deal for a racer, we haven’t had a street race in Bermuda in 10-12 years.”

After the success of the inaugural Dockyard Grand Prix last year, the Club’s vice-president John Correiro Jnr said this is another huge step forward.

He said: “The only way to compare this is that in a running race there’s a regular race or you have the May 24 race. 

‘More excitement’

“There’s always more spectators, there’s always more excitement. That rubs off on the drivers. The motors we have are loud but you can hear the people screaming and shouting, for sure. It’s exciting.”

He added: “We’ve always had this in mind. We’ve just never had the numbers. We are growing so we are capable of doing it now. I think with the talent on the track we can put on a great show.”

Barnes says the re-growth of the club is the result of a lot of hard work.

He said: “I think the last couple of years with Jason ‘Skuzzy’ North being president, he tried to rebuild the club and get it back to good numbers and get it financially okay.

“Now we have that, we can go back to the Hamilton race and the Dockyard race. You don’t want to put on a race like this and have 20 karts.”

Both Barnes and Correiro Jnr believe the track offers the ideal mix of tight corners and straights that allow the driver to put their foot down. Barnes said: “There are a couple of tight spots. Drivers will have to use their heads and be smart but there will be some great racing for the fans.”

There will be a VIP section, a fun castle and entertainment for the whole family.

He added: “We want this to be an event for the whole community.”

Various sponsorship packages are available for the two-day race day. 

For more details email president Scott ‘Skitchy’ Barnes at

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