Perot’s First and Second Issue *Photos courtesy of spinks website
Perot’s First and Second Issue *Photos courtesy of spinks website

FRIDAY, JULY 8: At first glance they may appear to be just three slightly scruffy Bermudian stamps.

But they are among the island’s rarest memorabilia and have fetched nearly half a million dollars at auction in London.

Perot’s First and Second Issue from Hamilton and J S Thies’ Issue from St George’s went under the hammer last week.


An anonymous buyer snapped up the three stamps for a total $485,000.

Perot’s First Issue, which dates back to 1853, went for $177,000 while the Second Issue was sold for $205,000.

Only eleven examples of Perot’s First Issue are recorded with six struck in red and five struck in black.

The Second Issue is fixed to an 1861 letter addressed to ‘Miss Hurst care of W Evans Esq Somerset’ and is one of only five examples recorded.

Tim Hirsch, a director at Spink dealers and auctioneers, who conducted the sale, said: “These were the only available Bermuda Perots in the marketplace and were last purchased in 1978.

“All the other Bermuda Perots are held in private and institutional collections, hence the prices were well above our expectations.”

The St George’s stamp, which was found on a letter to ‘Jas Tatem Esq, Hamilton’ was bought for just over $100,000.

Only five other examples of the Thies Provisionals are recorded.

Dozens of other Bermudian stamps were also sold at the same auction in England and ranged in price from just a couple of hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

The Bermudian stamps are part of the Chartwell Collection, which is said to be worth more than $32 million.

The collection is held in more than 80 stamp albums and will go on sale through a series of nine auctions over the next 18 months.

It was brought together by Sir Cyril Humphrey Cripps — an English businessman and philanthropist — who had a passion for collecting.

He first started collecting in the 1950s.