Nandi Outerbridge
Nandi Outerbridge

The contents of the recording at the heart of a political controversy are still unclear.

OBA MP Nandi Outerbridge recorded a conversation between herself and the Opposition Leader Marc Bean on her cellphone last summer.

Premier Craig Cannonier labelled the content of the  recording “atrocious”.

“It is atrocious what I heard on that tape, the things that were said,” said the Premier last Friday.

The Premier suggested that Mr Bean had the meeting with Ms Outerbridge in an attempt to pressure her to resign or to switch political affiliations to the PLP.

Mr Bean has denied that, saying he wanted to assure Ms Outerbridge that his party would not attack her personal life in the House of

The PLP has called for the tape to be released.

Last summer, Ms Outerbridge was the subject of a controversy surrounding Facebook comments and damage to a woman’s car. Ms Outerbridge said her Facebook account had been hacked. 

The case was dropped and police laid no charges against Ms Outerbridge.

Ms Outerbridge has declined to release the tape, saying earlier: “Mr Bean said many disgusting and disturbing things that, if heard, the people of
Bermuda would see in a poor light. 

“In addition, he said I would be attacked if I did not resign, as he could not control some of his other colleagues.” 

She added: “I want to say I have no intention of releasing the tape because it was for my personal protection at that time and should have never been a topic of any other person’s conversations.”

However, it’s still unclear what exactly those allegedly disgusting and disturbing things were.

The existence of the recording was revealed on Friday during a House of Assembly session.

Mr Bean was the one who first acknowledged its existence. 

He did so after hearing the Premier make an off-mic comment about the recording, he said.