Shadow Finance Minister Bob Richards. *File photo
Shadow Finance Minister Bob Richards. *File photo

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 5: Shadow Finance Minister Bob Richards said the OBA’s plan for payroll tax breaks will incentivize employers to hire Bermudians.

Mr Richards said in a press release: “Let’s not let politics get in the way of a good plan that will get people working again.

“The OBA plan gives payroll tax breaks to employers for every new Bermudian hired. This is a job creation plan — a classic win-win situation whereby an employer gets an incentive to hire an unemployed person and the unemployed person gets a job because of the incentive.”

Last Friday BIU president Chris Furbert attacked the plan.

Mr Furbert said he was “shocked and appalled” at the plan.

The BIU president said: “It is unfair to provide giveaways to business owners while making our working and middle class people share the brunt of the taxes.”

Mr Richards said: “How in heaven’s name can this be bad for workers?

“If a tax break for employers leads to the hiring of an unemployed person, how is that ‘grossly unfair’ to workers?

Yes, he will have to pay his portion of the tax, like all workers do, but that’s better than being unemployed.

“In his eagerness to be political and criticize the One Bermuda Alliance, Mr. Furbert has lost sight of the fact that this plan will incentivize employers to hire more Bermudians, something he, as a spokesman for workers, should be praising.”