On Monday, both CellOne and Digicel came out with new deals to try to lure customers from each other.

March 3 was the first business day people could switch cellphone providers and keep their phone number. The Bermuda Sun has lined up the offers side-by-side so you can make an easy comparison on whether you should stay with your current provider or make the switch.


CellOne / $200 off

CellOne is offering a ‘$200 Off’ promotion allowing new postpaid line activation customers to choose one of three ways to receive their discount:

1. $200 off a new feature phone or smartphone on a two year contract.

2. $200 off the PowerUp plan providing a $0 down option for mobile phone device purchases.

3. $200 off their mobile service if activating a new line with their existing phone.


Prepaid customers who choose to transfer to CellOne will be given a FREE SIM card (valued at $25) along with their outstanding balance from their current provider. Up to $25 will be placed as a one-time credit directly on the new CellOne prepaid account. New prepaid customers will now be able to use CellOne’s $2.50 Prepaid Daily Plan where they will only pay for days used.

 For customers wanting to start their number transfer immediately,here is CellOne’s  four-step process:

1. Ensure your phone is unlocked — carriers will unlock your phone for free within one business day of a request

2. Submit your number transfer request — online at www.cellone.bm, call 707-7000 or visit one of our 3 stores island wide

3. Wait for approval

4. Activate your account


CellOne also has a little something for their existing customers through a Friends and Family Referral Offer.

Existing CellOne customers will receive a $25 Gift Card plus entry into a draw for one of two giveaways for each successful referral activation.

Winners drawn will be awarded one free year of local mobile service. This includes unlimited talk, text and 7GBs of data each month. Details regarding eligibility requirements can be found on the promotions page at www.cellone.bm.


Digicel / Smartphone installments

Digicel Postpaid Refresh is a new phone pricing plan which allows customers to pay in monthly instalments with no money down.

Digicel Postpaid Refresh allows customers to purchase smartphones by paying small monthly installments, starting at only $10 per month. Customers pay nothing upfront and may upgrade their handsets at any time. A customer may have up to two Digicel Postpaid Refresh devices at one time.

New customers will be able to request to move to Digicel in-person at any one of its stores across the island, or from their own homes and offices.

Both existing and new postpaid customers are eligible for Digicel Postpaid Refresh. An important aspect to note is that the handset is not tied to a mobile plan contract; there is a separate agreement for the handset.

There are three ways to sign up for this plan:


1. In-store option: Customers should visit any one of Digicel’s stores with a valid identification, a current debit or credit card, proof of their current address, the last bill from their existing carrier and their current mobile phone.


2. The second method allows customers to request the switch to Digicel by calling its 24-hour Customer Care at 500-5000, or by e-mailing info.bermuda@digicelgroup.com, or by submitting a request online at www.digicelbermuda.com. Customers choosing this method will be invited to come into a Digicel store to complete the process, choose their plan and collect their new SIM cards and phones.


3. For both options, Digicel will deliver SIMs and devices to customers within the Hamilton and hospital areas. Customers will also receive a call on their Digicel SIM to confirm the switch is complete.