SUNDAY, JUNE 17: Former US General Consul to Bermuda Gregory Slayton has written a book to help out fathers.

His Be A Better Dad Today! 10 Tools Every Father Needs provides tips to he’s learned over the years.

Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida and brother to President George Bush, wrote: “Having been raised by a man that exemplified what it means to be a great father, I am blessed to have learned from one of the greatest. In ‘Be A Better Dad Today’, Gregory explains how to navigate the most important job in the world. This book is a great resource for today’s dads or those who plan to be a dad in the future.” 

Other reviews for the book include former republican presidential candidate John McCain, US Senator Joe Lieberman, and US Congressman GK Butterfield, who has relatives in Bermuda.

Congressman Butterfield said: "There is no more important job in the world for men than being a good father for our kids. I love being a dad - and I always have. That’s why I appreciate the honesty, the humor and the many helpful ideas that my friend Gregory Slayton has packed into 'Be A Better Dad Today!' Being a 'Better Dad Today' - and every day of our lives - is one of the most important things we can do for our family, our community and our Nation.”

Senator McCain said: "I learned about life and honor from my father and grandfather, who were my heroes as Naval officers and, most importantly, fathers. Earning their respect was the most lasting ambition of my life, and even though they are no longer with us, I continue to live my life according to the terms of their approval. Their courage and faith were an inspiration to me and a key to my survival in some of my most difficult times. I am grateful for the memories of these two great men and the respect and affection they provided as the patriarchs of our family.

"I’ve personally known Gregory and his family for years, and I know he exemplifies the title of his book 'Be a Better Dad Today!' each and every day of his life. There are certain lessons in life that can best be taught by fathers. My hope is that this book will help every single man who picks it up to be the best father, the best husband, and the best man he can be."