CellOne announced today the launch of a new device payment option that allows customers to purchase any top end smartphone they choose with installment payment plan.    

The new programme called PowerUp brings the entry cost of all smartphones down to $199 when paired with a monthly payment.  The monthly cost will range from $15-$55 depending on the device chosen by the customer.

Customers on the plan will be required to make 24 installment payments, however they have the flexibility to upgrade at any time and if eligible all or a portion of the remaining installments will be waived.

“This new option is exciting for wireless customers for several reasons.  They can now purchase any handset they like for $199, can upgrade at any point and they are not bound to a fixed term service commitment” says Joel Ferrier, CellOne Marketing Director. “The PowerUp Plan provides additional flexibility to the customer who may not want to pay the full cost of a phone up front.” 

For more information or to find a store nearest you, visit www.cellone.bm for details.