The Bermuda chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority will be performing 100 acts of kindness over the year for the sorority’s 100th anniversary.

The historically black sorority was founded on the campus on Howard University on January 13, 1913 and boasts more than 500,000 members today.

Sororities around the world will be participating in the event.

In Bermuda, the chapter has been doing a variety of charity work including feeding the homeless, providing gifts for children in need, a special luncheon for seniors, race marshal assistance during race weekend and more.

President Roxanne Christopher explained what would happen over the year.

“In the words of the incomparable Soror Shirley Chisholm, ‘Service is the rent we pay for room on this earth’, and we the members of Bermuda Alumnae Chapter continue to reach such amorous goals. 

“These words direct us and aid us in realizing that we must pass the torch within our community, and the 100 Acts of Community Service is a small token that we contribute to the country that we all love. 

“This service has been realized in numerous avenues such as our Annual Children’s Reading Festival, Salvation Army Soup Run, Mentoring at the Co-Ed Facility, and of course our Delta GEMS to name just a few.”

Ms Christopher added: “This historic milestone for Delta Sigma Theta is currently being celebrated worldwide.

“We recently made history by being the first Greek Letter organization to participate in the Rose Parade and we have been international leaders in community and social activism.

“Bringing it close to home, our 100 for 100 initiative is a natural progression for us.

“The chapter currently has over 70 Sorors and together, we are well on our way to completing just over 50 acts of community service for this centennial year, which spans from Sept. 2012 to July 2013.”

Upcoming acts of kindness include the Delta relay and float on May 24th, an educational workshop on May 30th, proclamation and torch events on May 31 and finally, the Delta Gala on June 1.

For more information on the Bermuda Alumnae Chapter and how they can support your organization, please contact the Bermuda Alumnae Chapter at dstbermuda@gmail.com.