A screenshot of the Sustainable Development Unit's new website.
A screenshot of the Sustainable Development Unit's new website.

The Government’s Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) has launched a new website and blog to help increase awareness of the issues it is addressing as well as build communication with the public.

The new website, www.sdbermuda.bm, aims to educate visitors about the issues being addressed and how Bermuda’s residents can help to secure the island’s future for the next generation.

The home page explains the three pillars of sustainable development — social, environmental and economic — and provides examples of threats to these areas to bring the concepts to life.

The Government’s Sustainable Development Strategy and Implementation Plan (SDSIP), published in March 2008, is also available in full on the website.

The two-way blog can be accessed at www.sustain-bermuda.blogspot.com.

Members of the public can contribute to the blog while reading about the SDU and its advisory body the Sustainable Development Roundtable.

The website and the blog are being actively promoted using a PSA that is broadcast on CITV on a daily basis.

The PSA, entitled “Young Minds”, features five local schoolchildren discussing the topic of sustainable development around the boardroom table and what it means to them. It was created by Stratton Hatfield and Milton Raposo.