He’s mine! Brandon Fleming with his 85lb wahoo.
He’s mine! Brandon Fleming with his 85lb wahoo.
Teenager Brandon Fleming couldn't stop smiling Sunday after hooking an 85lb wahoo at Chub Head, about ten miles out to sea.

The 14 year-old had been out fishing with his dad Granville for about three hours when the fish bit.

He told us: "I've been going out fishing with my dad since I was about three but this was the first time I caught a fish this big. I caught a wahoo before but it was about half this size."

Brandon, who is about 5ft 10' and 190lbs, said it took him about 20 minutes to land the fish. He used a live robin for bait on a 60lb test line.

"We started fishing at about 8am; hooked him at about 11.10am and landed him about 11.30am. Then we started calling people, including my mom telling her to come and meet us with the camera," he said.

The fish could fetch up to $850 on the open market, but Brandon and his dad decided to fillet it themselves and share it out among family and friends.