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The radar outage at LF Wade is causing multiple flight delays.

The outage affected flights from American Airlines, Delta, US Airways, JetBlue, WestJet and AirTran. In total, 10 flights were delayed anywhere from 30 minutes to 156 minutes. Seven flights were delayed more than 90 minutes.

Airport general manager Aaron Adderley told the Bermuda Sun that today is the first time since the process of installing the new radar there has been multiple delays.

The airport had announced previously that there may be some delays in flights because of this.  

Mr Adderley said: “We’re under non-radar procedures which requires separation between flight activity. At the moment the FAA centre in New York has everyone on hold because of congestion in the air space.

“Once that congestion clears up, they’ll start pushing out some of the flights here on the ground.”

Mr Adderley said LF Wade is expecting more delays periodically between now and early July when the new radar is installed.

He said: “Today seems to be a bit worse off than normal, but we’re subject to delays, especially in the afternoon between now and the end of the radar installation. There will be delays but today’s delays seem to be longer than what we’ve seen such far because of congestion in the air space.”