Sergio Martinez will fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in Saturday’s historic fight. *AFP photo
Sergio Martinez will fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in Saturday’s historic fight. *AFP photo

WEDNESDAY, SEP. 12: September promises to be an exciting month in the world of cable, and as usual, it would be impossible to cover all the new programming being introduced. Here, then, are just a few special highlights of what’s still to come this month.

Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. versus Sergio Martinez: WBC middleweight championship fight — Saturday, September 15, at 10pm, Live on Pay-Per-View:

This is, without a doubt, one of the most highly-anticipated match-ups in recent boxing history.

On June 16, Cesar Chavez, Jr. scored a crushing victory against Andy Lee. The next day, the date was set for the September 15 face-off. 

Brought to you live from the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, the fight will feature Chavez Jr. defending the WBC middleweight title against Sergio Martinez, the division’s top fighter.

The two have had a heated rivalry going on since Chavez Jr. stated: “This is the fight I’ve always wanted. Martinez has said a lot of bad things. Let’s see if he wants to go to the center of the ring and fight like a man.”

To which Martinez replied, “I’m very excited for the opportunity to take back what is rightfully mine, and that is the WBC middleweight championship belt.”

To add to the frenzy, the fight is happening on Mexican Independence Day, a plus for Chavez Jr., who aims to “make all Mexicans proud,” something his father did so well before him.

Martinez hails from Argentina, and is said to be, pound-for-pound, one of the top three fighters in the world.

Bayou Billionaires — Saturday, September 15, at 10pm on CMT:

If you’re not watching the fight this Saturday, check out Bayou Billionaires, which is having its season two premiere at the same time.

Anyone who remembers The Beverly Hillbillies should find this real-life, rags-to-riches story fascinating.

The Dowdens are a modest family from Shreveport, Louisiana, whose lives are transformed when they find out their home sits on the fourth-largest deposit of natural gas in the US. Follow their adventures as they enter a completely different tax bracket and enjoy a lifestyle that includes personal trainers, travel and country clubs.

Redneck Rehab — premieres September 15, at 11pm on CMT:

In this new series, host Tom Arnold finds a different wayward redneck city slicker each week and takes them back to their redneck roots in the country. The producers promise a wild and crazy intervention each week, with a hint that there may be a few familiar Nashville rednecks on the show.

Chef Race: UK vs. US — Special Premiere, Saturday September 29, at 11pm on BBC America:

This new original series from executive producer Jamie Oliver will offer a special premiere on September 29, right after the mid-season finale of Doctor Who.

After that, the series will continue on Tuesdays at 10pm. True to its title, the series pits 16 chefs against each other — eight Brits and eight Americans — as they race across America, starting in Los Angeles. Stripped of their cash and credit cards at the outset of the competition, the teams, at each stop, must exercise their creativity, culinary talents, business acumen and PR skills in order to make enough money to get to the next city.

A grand prize of $100,000 dollars awaits the winning team.

Paranormal Paparazzi — Premieres Friday, September 28, at 8pm on The Travel Channel:

For everything from Bigfoot sightings to UFOs, follow the Paranormal Paparazzi reporters as they tackle unexplained mysteries in a news reporting style.

The new series is hosted by Aaron Sagers, a journalist for Paranormal Pop Culture, and a familiar face on the Travel Channel, with participation from Zak Bagans, the lead paranormal investigator on Ghost Adventures.

“It’s really a fast-paced entertainment news show,” says Sagers, “where my team of hand-picked reporters will travel the country, tracking down bizarre and buzz-worthy stories of paranormal happenings.” For each story covered, the team will either substantiate, or disprove, the claims of paranormal activity.