PLP MP Lovitta Foggo. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead
PLP MP Lovitta Foggo. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead

PLP MPs Lovitta Foggo and Zane DeSilva released the following yesterday:

• Of 77 physicians in the Yellow Pages, none are located east of Devonshire

• Demand for emergency care is rising and Lamb Foggo reduces strain on resources and manpower at KEMH

• A decrease in KEMH emergency beds by 6 (or by 24%) plus the additional 5,500 patients expected to now head to KEMH with the closing of Lamb Foggo will lead to a significant increase in wait times in the emergency room

• In severe weather or civil emergencies Lamb Foggo is well positioned to meet the needs of east end residents

• Lamb Foggo has helped to fill the service gap between the Emergency Dept and General Practitioners

• Clinic has meant shorter waits and greater convenience for patients across the island

• Clinic can assist with foreseen and unforeseen incidents such as:

— If the island were to face another major hurricane, residents of St David’s and St George’s could once again be cut off from medical care.  A report has stated that Lamb Foggo is,

“strategically placed and well equipped to provide emergency services…with a large generator and located well above potential storm surges”

— Clinic could assist in treating minor victims of an aircraft incident at the airport, relieving pressure on KEMH

Could also serve as an outpatient clinic during a major outbreak of a highly contagious disease


PLP’s solutions

• Consolidate govt’s public health presence in the east to Lamb Foggo, shifting the functions of the outdated St George’s clinic to the urgent care centre

• Restore diagnostic services to Lamb Foggo as an additional source of revenue

• Reduce staff costs by shifting to a greater emphasis on mid-level practitioners and medical assistants

• Examine the benefits of introducing private, religious or charitable sector support

• Examining the operating hours to ensure they meet needs of the community

• Develop a communications strategy to raise awareness of the facility, its operating hours and services while discouraging Lamb

Foggo’s use as a substitute for a primary medical care provider

• Examine the benefits and practicality of renting a section of the facility for private primary care or for services such as chronic disease management, orthopedic follow up or a geriatric clinic

• Cut salaries of BHB executive staff by 15% — this alone would add $250,000 to BHB’s coffers.