Craig Cannonier, leader of the Opposition One Bermuda Alliance, prepares to hear the Throne Speech on Friday morning. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Craig Cannonier, leader of the Opposition One Bermuda Alliance, prepares to hear the Throne Speech on Friday morning. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

There is no plan for national recovery in this Throne Speech.

The Government promised its Throne Speech would be bold and decisive, but we don’t see anything in it that is particularly bold or decisive.

What we see is an election document that throws up a lot of ideas without any real commitment to action. It is a 22-page verbal charade intended to pacify segments of the population into thinking their concerns and needs are going to be addressed.

Look closely at the words of the Throne Speech and you will see the opposite of bold and decisive. In dozens of instances, the government takes pains to stop short of real action.

And so we have lots of promises to examine an issue, assess a situation, explore an idea, consider an action and to look at something or to review it. We hear that Government is awaiting results, starting an exercise or advancing its work on a policy.

These words are attached to issues from gaming, to the cost of food, to financial aid for seniors, to conscription – lip service to people who need to know their government is serious about their concerns.

There is lots of talk about creating jobs, but no commitment to actually creating jobs.

The Throne Speech is not a plan, and this must be very concerning for all Bermudians given our very precarious situation today.

People have commented on the tremendous length of the speech as an indication of serious intent on the part of government, but we see it, rather, as a reflection of the seriousness of our situation, from unprecedented levels of unemployment, to continuing gang war, to the failure to reform education.

Bermuda needs better direction than what is found in the pages of this Throne Speech to get the Island back on track and working again.

We appreciate the Government appears to be considering or adopting many of our ideas, but we remain skeptical. There is too much verbal hedging about its plans and intentions. Without clear, definitive commitment to action people who are suffering today will not be given the hope they need; and this Throne Speech was an opportunity to give them hope.

The time for action is now. Bermuda cannot afford more on-the-job training; we cannot afford more dithering, we cannot afford more finger-pointing, we cannot afford more time. We need a new team at the helm that is ready and able to chart a new course to national recovery and renewal, and to make it happen.

The One Bermuda Alliance will comment in much more detail in its formal Reply to the Throne Speech on November 18.