Dame Jennifer Smith *Photo by Mikaela Ian Pearman
Dame Jennifer Smith *Photo by Mikaela Ian Pearman

FRIDAY, NOV. 4: Among the highlights from today’s Throne Speech:

• Referendum on whether to allow gaming

• Re-introduction of College Weeks

• Clampdown on ‘sham marriages’ between Bermudians and non-Bermudians

• New sanctions/drug classifications for young drug offenders (a nod towards decriminalization)

• Criminals jailed for less than two years will serve a minimum of 12 months

• New laws to increase penalties for drink driving and expand use of breathalyzers

• DUI education to be mandatory for banned drivers

• National Youth Service to provide potential alternative to Regiment conscription

• Elder abuse legislation planned

• Whistleblower legislation to be expanded

• Job Corps Programme and Career Centre to help jobless — free training for under 16s

• YES — Youth Empowerment Scheme — to provide community work for jobless

• Training Board and Dept of Training to merge

• Work permit exemptions for those who create jobs for Bermudians

• 'Shared parenting legislation' to give parents equal rights and responsibilities

• Land Policy Review Group to look at PRCs and the foreign purchase market

• Steering Group to develop Hamilton waterfront

• New legislation to encourage foreign investment

• ‘More red carpet and less red tape’ promised to stimulate economy

• Hotel Concessions Act to be updated

• ‘New tourism brand’

• Scheme to ‘convert cruise visitors to air visitors’

• Bermudian entertainers to headline a ‘signature entertainment product’

• Pensions Act to be amended

• Qualifications for educators to be tightened

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