Bryant Trew and Ayo Johnson, founder of Think Media. *Photo supplied/by Nicola Muirhead
Bryant Trew and Ayo Johnson, founder of Think Media. *Photo supplied/by Nicola Muirhead

Ayo Johnson, founder of Bermuda based media company Think Media has announced that Bryant Trew, Think Media’s first Public Editor, has resigned from the position.

An announcement of his replacement will be made in the very near future.

Trew, a popular and well regarded Bermudian columnist, has written a critique of Politica’s article “Selling Bermuda” but has declined our request to repost it on

It will, however, be in tomorrow’s edition of the Bermuda Sun and Johnson has committed to posting a response to the critique on

Think Media addresses concerns about the quality of local reporting with a robust system of accountability that includes a commitment to the highest ethical principles and is the first media company in Bermuda to appoint an independent Public Editor.

Politica is Think Media’s first digital journal.

Trew, who accepted the one-year Public Editor appointment, said he was resigning for “personal reasons”.

Think Media founder, Johnson said: “We are grateful to Bryant for taking on this challenge and regret that it ended so quickly.

“His appointment reflected a great deal of confidence in his abilities and faith that he would be able to handle our journalistic products with utmost integrity.

“We are hopeful that he will continue to cast his critical eye on our work and publish his views through his Bermuda Sun columns.

The Public Editor’s role is that of an ombudsman – fielding and investigating complaints about Think Media’s journalistic products and reporting findings to the public. The Public Editor is also free to launch investigations on his own accord.

The public should take note that the Public Editor does not preview or discuss articles with Think Media’s reporters/editors prior to publication. Additionally, the Public Editor is not ordinarily advised of articles under development or the schedule of publication.

In a similar fashion, questions and statements submitted by the Public Editor are not scheduled or edited by Think Media prior to publication. The public should also be advised that Think Media’s reporters and editors are not provided with the names of persons who submit questions, complaints or suggestions, to the Public Editor.

Residents can access the journal by visiting and clicking on the Politica icon. Alternatively, residents can go directly to

Think Media wants to bring high quality, high integrity journalism, which is independent of powerful political and economic forces, to vulnerable communities around the world.

Our immediate focus is Bermuda and the other populated remnants of the British empire.

It is hoped that Think Media’s journalism will be supported primarily through small fees paid directly by its readers and audiences.

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