Reception desk at Twitter HQ. *Photo supplied
Reception desk at Twitter HQ. *Photo supplied

The Twitter you’ve grown accustomed to and loved may be headed for a radical transformation.

The company is beta-testing a new look that is more similar to Facebook than it is to Twitter.

Mashable reported on the new layout earlier this week. 

The redesign shows a top cover photo with an inset photo on the left. 

Under the inset, the user’s bio appears along with a location of where they are from and a link to their website.

Under that is the traditional ‘Who to Follow’ and beneath that, the list of what’s trending. 

New stats

It also has a redesigned stats configuration just under the cover photo. 

The new numbers will now keep track of a user’s tweets, photos/videos, following, followers, favourites and views. 

The vertical timeline disappears with content now appearing side-by-side on the page. 

There is an increased emphasis on photos and videos. It may help users who rely on visual media to get their tweets out over those who rely on text-based messages to their followers.

On Mashable, it also shows the new Following section in which three profiles are lined up next to each other so you can read their latest tweets at the same time. n