Michael Dunkley left Government House this morning in GP1 for his first day as Premier of Bermuda. *Video by Glenn Tucker

Michael Dunkley was sworn in as the new Premier at Government House this morning.

The ceremony took place hours after Craig Cannonier resigned last night. 

Mr Dunkley said he was humbled by the opportunity to serve the country as Premier, thanked Mr Cannonier for his service and pledged to make government accountable and transparent.

He also indicated that Attorney General Mark Pettingill and Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell — two individuals who were present on the JetGate trip to meet with businessman Nathan Landow — would remain in the Cabinet.

Mr Cannonier's resignation followed recent revelations that a group of American businessmen wired roughly $300,000 to a private Bermudian bank account, allegedly to aid the OBA in its 2012 campaign, after meeting with Mr Cannonier.

The signatories on that account — called the Bermuda Political Action Club -- are reportedly an OBA political consultant and a business associate of Mr Cannonier's. 

One of the donors, Mr Landow, had been interested in developing a casino on the island, which raised questions about quid pro quo. Additionally, Mr Landow told the Bermuda Sun that a business associate of Mr Cannonier, Steve DaCosta, had been present at at least one meeting.

Questions regarding the so-called JetGate scandal dogged the now former Premier for months: why was Mr DaCosta accompanying Bermudian government officials to meet with Mr Landow and what was discussed? 

Many questions remain unanswered.