UPDATE Thursday 13th February, 10am: The Bermuda Police Service told us “The video appears to relate to a November 2012 incident which was reported to police. A female suspect was arrested in connection with the matter and bailed to appear before the court, but she did not attend. As a result a warrant has been issued for her arrest which is still active.”

A disturbing video has re-surfaced amid ongoing concerns about the safety of bus drivers.


The footage shows a woman yelling obscenities to a bus driver who appears to be filming the tirade on his/her cell phone.

The language is laced with profanities and the video is not suitable for youngsters.

In the video, which is just over a minute long, the woman is threatening the bus driver while talking on the phone to someone she refers to as “baby”.

It was posted on YouTube a year ago and is being circulated through social media again, presumably because of renewed concerns about safety on the buses.

On Monday, a female bus driver was attacked by a passenger. A woman boarded the bus and assaulted the driver before leaving the scene.

Yesterday, Kenneth Leverock, 23, admitted that he attacked bus driverEdmund Phillips in an unprovoked attack on January 9. He is awaiting sentence.  

We have put queries about the video into the Bermuda Police Service and the Department of Public Transport and are awaiting responses.