After days of OBA meetings over JetGate, Premier Craig Cannonier decided to end the uncertainty about his future by stepping down on Monday night. Carla Zuill  took to the streets of Hamilton to find out how residents took the news.

Somers Tuzo, 66

Taxi driver

‘I thought it was deserved. When dealing with Bermudians, you have to shoot from the hip and be truthful from the beginning. They (OBA) was always taking about being transparent but did not do it themselves.’



Anasa DeMello, 34

Customer service rep

‘It seemed kind of sudden, but I think he should not have resigned until there was a proper investigation done. In Bermuda there is always a lot of hearsay. I say find all of the facts first.’



Jonathan Eve, 43

Attendance officer

‘I guess we knew it was coming. If he was still in power, it was not going to work out. I’m glad we have various media outlets because if we had to rely only on the daily, we may not have ever known what was going on.’



Katrina Lottimore, 40


‘I’m not surprised at all. When they first got into power, I gave him six months…he lasted longer.’



Mike Hollis, 63

Project manager

‘He had no choice because if he stayed it would have taken away the focus of what the Government has to do.’



Alex Nanud, 23


‘I’m indifferent because it has not been proven that the Premier did anything illegal. The whole situation just seems shady to me.’



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