The Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC)was a solution to a problem that began when individuals were brought in on work permits and through various circumstances were allowed to stay and work in Bermuda for decades.  

On Friday, June 6, 2013, the PLP extended the hand of cooperation to the OBA to close the legal loophole that could allow thousands of PRCs to achieve employment rights, the ability to purchase property and the ability to vote.  

The PLP brought legislation to Parliament that would have closed this legal loophole and protected the birthright of Bermudians. 

The OBA again refused to stand up for Bermudians, and failed to prevent one of the most radical changes to the political and social landscape since their political forefathers, the UBP, granted Bermuda status to thousands of non-Bermudians in the 1970s.

This was an opportunity for the PLP and the OBA to stand together to protect the birthright of Bermudians by correcting a legal error that would drastically diminish opportunities of Bermudians. 

The OBA once again refused to keep a pre-election promise; their pledge that they would not grant PRCs Bermudian status.

By their actions, the OBA have demonstrated that to them, working together means Bermudians sitting silently while jobs, opportunities and political power are prioritized for everyone but Bermudians. 

This latest refusal to stand up for Bermudians is confirmation that the OBA agenda is one that will further marginalize Bermudians, and radically transform this country back into the favour of non-Bermudians alone. This is a situation that should never be permitted. 

It was certainly not the intent of the former government to open the door to Bermudian status for thousands of non-Bermudians and their children. We acknowledge and apologize to the people of Bermuda for this error and pledge that we will do what we can to rectify this issue.

The PLP believes that we have a real opportunity to use this situation to begin a national conversation surrounding comprehensive immigration reform and identifying an approach that balances the needs of employers with Bermudian aspirations and opportunities.

There will be a Town hall meeting on Thursday, June 26, at The Devonshire Recreation Club starting at 5:30pm. Panelists will be: MP Walton Brown, MP Rolfe Commissiong and MP Michael Scott.

We look forward to speaking with the people of Bermuda who are in support of protecting the birthright of full employment, opportunities to purchase property and fair democratic rights for Bermudians.

Thank you for your time and attention. 

Marc Bean is the Leader of the Opposition.