No comment: Derrick Green won’t talk about any financial association with US businessman Nathan Landow. *Photo by Glenn Tucker
No comment: Derrick Green won’t talk about any financial association with US businessman Nathan Landow. *Photo by Glenn Tucker

There are still many unanswered questions swirling around the JetGate fallout.

A change in Premier did not alter that fact.

Among the most persistent: who is Derrick Green and how did he become involved in JetGate?

Mr Green continues to decline to speak about the Bermuda Political Action Club; whether he is a signatory on that account; whether  Craig Cannonier’s business associate Steven DaCosta is a signatory on the account;  any political contributions made from Nathan Landow and other business associates or any meetings between Mr Cannonier and Mr Landow.

Mr Green, who has worked as a political consultant with the OBA since 2011, repeated his line from earlier in the week during a phone call yesterday: he will not be making a comment on that matter until OBA Chairman Thad Hollis finishes his inquiry into the political contributions from Mr Landow and a group of half-a-dozen other American businessmen, made to the Bermuda Political Action Club. 

Mr Green, an American political consultant, said he first came to Bermuda to do work for the now-defunct Bermuda Democratic Alliance in 2008. He said his close friend, the current Tourism and Transport Minister Shawn Crockwell, whom he has known since they were in college together, brought him to the island. 

Mr Green has a long history of working in Democratic circles. During his college days in 1992, he worked as a volunteer in the Clinton/Gore presidential campaign. 

Since that time, he has worked for Frank Lautenberg, a former US Senator from New Jersey who is now deceased and Jon S. Corzine, a former US senator and governor from New Jersey, among many other congressional and state-level political candidates. 

His company, Green Consultants, is based in Maryland. He still does political work in the U.S. as well as the Caribbean, he said. 

His speciality, he said, is candidate development and organizing grass roots campaigns. 

He still currently does work for the OBA. Even though it’s not an election year, Mr Green said he still helps with media training and advises the party on message, vision and objectives.

“If you want to win, you’ve got to be campaigning all the time,” he told us yesterday. 

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