Imari Wade  *Photo by Chris Burvile
Imari Wade *Photo by Chris Burvile

The Bermuda National Gallery enjoyed its third eclectic Art in Music event on Friday where musicians wrote compositions and lyrics inspired by the gallery’s Women’s Collection.

Leah Amaral played a sweet semi-acoustic song she wrote called Rise and Shine about Johnny Barnes. The talented BHS Student was influenced by Meredith Andrews’ portrait of Bermuda’s favourite good will ambassador pictured from behind sporting a straw hat and stripy shirt.

The folksy style seemed to resonate with this image well, her singing style could be described as a mix of Norah Jones and Bermuda’s own Rachel Brown.

Violinist, educator and arranger LaTannia Ellerbe was inspired by Shallow Waters by Jacqueline Alma — a painting of a black man (Kenton Swan) in ‘street’ style clothes.  

Ellerbe said it reflected Bermuda’s struggles: “Everything in my heart comes out in this piece”. 

Accompanied by piano her violin piece could be described as wistful and moody. 

The doctorial candidate in violin performance from North Carolina is a member of Faculty at the Bermuda School of Music.

Next up was Imari ‘Golden’ Wade who reflected the same painting with a rap. Her lyrics reflected the message in the painting that people are not always what they seem on the surface. Even though she did not get the chance to practice her song in a studio before hand, she managed to pull off a flawless performance.

Tiara DeRosa’s song was inspired by the Women’s Collection on the whole and she performed a playful rendition of All of Me made famous by legendary diva Ella Fitzgerald. 

Accompanied by her teacher John Woolridge, it added a nice jazzy element to the mix.

Kate Ross was back for her third Music in Art performance. She gathered a trio for the first interpretation of three of Kathy Harriott’s Red. The artwork has a delicate, translucent dress surrounded by provocative statements. Ross’ Red Tango was as seductive and provocative as the artwork. 

Zoe Smith was also inspired by the piece and wrote a composition for a string quartet. Her driving piece reflected the strength of the words on the artwork. 

Sadly, neither K Gabrielle or Princess Black were able to perform but they were replaced by a talented group called Fire – Faith, Inspired, Rhythmic Excellence. The all-female production provided a powerful end to the show.