Sir David Gibbons *File photo
Sir David Gibbons *File photo

Statement by Prime Minister of Bahamas, The Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie:

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Sir David Gibbons, former Premier and Minister of Finance of Bermuda, long-time investor in the Bahamian economy and for a lengthy period a resident of The Bahamas as well.  He was 85.

Sir David was for many years a powerful force in the life and times of Bermuda both in the political and economic spheres.  As the Leader of the United Bermuda Party (UBP), he was from 1977 to 1982, the Premier of the colony and its Minister of Finance as well.

Sir David was also, however, a significant investor in The Bahamas, especially in the wholesale liquor business as a shareholder of the ABDAB/General Bahamian Companies (GBC) Group and, in more recent years, in the insurance business as the driving force behind Atlantic Medical. 

Although a patriotic native of Bermuda, Sir David was proud of his connection to The Bahamas and its people among whom he claimed a great many of his friends. He always took a keen interest in Bahamian affairs and was unfailingly generous and constructive in his advice to successive governments of The Bahamas.

 On behalf of the Government and people of The Bahamas, and on my own behalf, I extend condolences to Sir David’s bereaved family and to the Government and people of Bermuda.