Just over one-fifth of the people who responded to a Bermuda Sun web site poll made diver Teddy Tucker the person they would most like to have over at their house for a meal.

And by a three to one margin, more people would prefer Premier Jennifer Smith as a dinner guest than they would Opposition Leader Grant Gibbons.

Tucker came out the top choice from the 323 people who answered the question ãWhich of the following Bermudians would you most like to invite over for dinner?ä

Tucker was the top choice with 21.7 per cent of the vote, but singer-songwriter Heather Nova was a close second at 19.5 per cent. Premier Smith was also a favourite as 17 per cent would like to have her over for dinner.

Manchester City footballer Shaun Goater was the only other person to register in double digits as he was selected by 12.1 per cent of the people.

Finishing fifth was VSB news anchor Charmaine Burgess (7.7 per cent), just ahead of radio deejay Keevil ÎThe Captainâ Burgess (6.8 per cent). Mr. Gibbons garnered 5.6 per cent of the vote.

There was a tie for last place between filmmaker Errol Williams and Anglican Bishop Ewan Ratteray at 1.9 per cent.

The poll ran from Tuesday, October 15 to Tuesday, October 22 and is not scientific.