Nahki Wells runs with the ball during the Capital One Cup final football match between Bradford City and Swansea City. *AFP photo
Nahki Wells runs with the ball during the Capital One Cup final football match between Bradford City and Swansea City. *AFP photo
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FULL-TIME: That's it. A gut-wrenchingly disappointing day for Nahki Wells and Bradford. But, let's not forget what an incredible achievement it's been to get this far and what a big role Wells has played in it. The Bermudian will come again, no doubt, but he'll be crushed today I'm sure. Swansea simply too good and put their League Two opponents to the sword. 

91: GOAL Michu denied and then Swansea hit the bar. Then De Guzman gets his second and it's 5-0. Domination complete.

90: Little break there - Wembley's wifi like Bradford today I'm afraid: sporadic. You missed Bradford fans cheering their first shot on target.
82: Jones comes forward for Bradford. Fans turning it into a party now - and they're losing 4-0! Tells you what they think of their players.

81: I'm sure Nahki's not thinking like that right now though. 
79: Dyer off - still complaining he wasn't allowed to take the penalty and complete his hat-trick. First major trophy for Swansea just 11 minutes away. Hope the mood is not too down in Bermuda. Your man couldn't do much about today and he's been a credit to the country all season.
76: Michu to Dyer. Fans more interesting than the game now.
73: Dyer blazes over. Playing out time with 18 minutes to go!

71: Swansea fans applaud Bradford's. The Yorkshire club's supporters are in full song. Full respect. Don't think they've had a shot on target.
69: Hernandez bursts through. Blocked. But he's back on the ball taking the mickey out the defenders. Almost five!
67: Pull back finds Michu but his shot is blocked. Bantams must dig in.
63: Team must show some real guts now and keep the score down with 10 men. Wells, by the way, cut a dispirited figure coming off. As you'd expect obviously.
62: Flat feeling for all Bermudians in the ground now but that doesn't take away any of the pride that Nahki has brought to the island today. Bradford, as a team, outclassed and Wells was feeding on scraps.
59: GOAL De Guzman scores and it's 4-0. Dyer and De Guzman had argued over the spot kick. Really disappointing that Wells was sacrificed but Hanson as a target man probably the best option now.

56: DISASTER Michu magic creates a chance for De Guzman and keeper Duke brings him down. PENALTY. Duke sent off. Sad but ref had no choice. Duke, a hero of previous rounds, is cheered off by his own fans. More bad news as Wells is subbed for replacement keeper Jon McLaughlin.
55: Hanson climbs and Bantams win throw in in a dangerous position. Huge noisy from Bradford fans. Doing their city proud today. Not sure Nahki has touched the ball in the second half yet. 

54: Bradford win a free-kick.

53: Must point out that Swansea have been excellent. Dyer probably the pick but Michu and Hernandez class in second gear.
52: Bradford players looking a little shell-shocked.

50: That's thrown the half-time team talk out the window from Bradford boss Phil Parkinson. A bit of context might be needed here before we get too down on Nahki and his boys. Bradford last won a major trophy in 1911 - before the original Wembley was even built - and only two teams from the bottom division have reached the final in 53 years.
48: GOAL I was about to say Bradford must give it all they have but Dyer strikers again and it's 3-0. Have to say it's probably game over now.
45: Huge roar from the Bradford fans as the second half gets under way. Wells rolls the ball forward... and we're off once again
45: And that's half time. Few flashes of Nahki but they were too far from goal to cause any damage. Huge task has become a monumental task now for Bradford.

44: Corner is cleared as far as Hernandez but he shoots straight at Duke. Bradford sadly look a lower division team at the moment. Nahki isolated up front. Bantams can't get the ball.

43: Swansea pour forward again. Marking is just not tight enough. Routledge has a crack and his shot is turned over.

40: GOAL Oh dear. Michu clinically finishes. Gutted. But that was class.

37: Nhaki must stay patient. He's crunched by a fair tackle. And Nahki's taken out again. This time unfairly. Sung-Yeung is booked. Wells gets up but free-kick is wasted.

36: Two back passes almost sells Duke short and then Bradford finally get on the ball but a long ball towards Hanson comes to nothing.

35: More keep-ball and some excellent play from Hernadez, Michu and Dyer almost creates a chance for Swansea. Hanson getting frustrated for Bantams up front.

33: Bit of delay in commentary there - probably because I'd lost the sensation in my hands! It's very COLD. Nahki a bit of a spectator at the moment, mainly because Bradford can't get the ball off them. Going 1-0 down the worst thing that could have happened.

30: Nahki a bit of a spectator at the moment as Swansea press. City's Stephen Darby forced to concede a corner.

29: Michu causing havoc down the left, lays it off to Dyer but his through ball is poor.

27: Swansea appeals for a penalty but the decision, quite rightly, goes the other way.

25: Ball cleared. Pablo Hernandez and Michu look dangerous on edge of box but it comes to nothing. Replay shows pic of Nahki looking distraught after goal went in. Plenty of time left fella. No doubt the Devonshire lad has more to say before the 90 minutes is up.

24: Corner Swansea.

23: Former Saints player Dyer arguably best player so far for Swansea. Bradford striker James Hanson the target for a long ball but it comes to nothing.

21: Fear a little bit for Bradford now. Need to be solid for next 10 minutes. Wells working hard as an outlet but midfield not getting up quick enough. Not surprising given Swans possession I guess.

20: Wonderful atmosphere despite early blow for Bradford.

19: Wells again trying to make something happen. Turns just inside Swans half but lacks support and Premier team come away with the ball.

18: Here's our man. Nahki robs Swansea of the ball on halfway and bursts clear. It's him versus four defenders though and he is forced back. Showed pace though.

17: Wells had just been involved in a promising move as well. Long way to go though. Bradford fans winded a wee bit.

16: GOAL Swans break and Michu's shot is parried out but only as far as Dyer who reacts quickest to score. That's a blow.

15: Wells hassles the Swans back line but the Welsh side clear.

14. Don't forget Nahki's boys are LEAGUE TWO and Swansea are top flight. Swans build from the back and Michu almost gets in, Dyer crosses and Ben Davies heads just wide. First chance.

12: Bradford have had 25 per cent of possession. Not created a clear chance yet though.

10: City's impressive keeper Matt Duke comes out to claim the ball.

9: Game has settled into a bit of a pattern. Nahki won't expect to see much of the ball as Swans keeping possession - but we know he can make it count when he gets a chance.

7: Wayne Routledge caught offside. City need to stay alert at the back.

6: Players walked on to fire and a wall of noise by the way. Special moment. I was trying to fix the wifi but never mind!!

5: Good work from Wells down the left but Swansea win the ball back. Nahki full of running early doors though. Swansea playing possession game as expected.

3: Early pressure coming from Swansea. No touch yet for our man Wells.

2: Swansea attacking through Nathan Dyer - earn a corner. City clear.

1:Incidentally Nahki blasted in two quality goals in the warm-up - good sign.

0min And Swansea kick-off..

3.58: Teams are ready to go. The big news is Nahki starts. Huge for Bermuda. We're all ready now.

Apologies for the late start - few technical issues. Think we're back up and running for kick-off.
Here we go...