FRIDAY, DEC. 23: Larry Mussenden said better days are ahead for the Caribbean Football Union.

The CFU was rocked by a money for votes scandal involving the FIFA presidency which saw several countries accused of taking $40,000 bribes to support Qatar’s Mohammed bin Hammam for football’s most illustrious post.

The scandal saw CFU president and FIFA bigwig Jack Warner’s resignation from all football activities and more than 10 CFU officials implicated.

Mussenden, who is president of the Bermuda Football Association, attended CFU meetings in Zurich, Switzerland earlier this week .

The 30 CFU football associations appointed a committee to help restore the working order of the CFU.

Mussenden was appointed to a nine-man normalization committee which will help run the CFU until an election can be called for new officers early in 2012.

Mussenden said: “The normalization committee will now run the affairs of the CFU pending a new constitution being accepted by the congress — by all the countries in the CFU.”

He said that should take place within three months and afterwards a date will be set for an election for the vacant positions.


The previous elections were supposed to take place in Jamaica in November, but were unable to be held at that time.

Mussenden said: “There were various concerns and issues by the members about the CFU executive, by this time had dwindled to three members by reason of suspension.

“A quorum of four members was required so in effect the CFU executive couldn’t operate so we had to take some steps in order for the CFU to continue to run.”

He said the meetings at FIFA’s headquarters set the process to help move the organization forward.

Mussenden said there was a commitment to development in all of the Caribbean countries

“I know most of the presidents and general secretaries in all those countries, and we all share a common vision in ensuring that the game is developed. We’re quite confident that one of the CFU countries should advance to the next round of the World Cup and to the World Cup finals in Brazil.

“All the countries put our support behind them and urge them to fly the Caribbean flag.”

He added: “When we look back at the year 2011, we recognize it was a watershed year in terms of huge challenges and division, but now we look forward to 2012 and beyond and ensuring that Caribbean football can represent some of the best football in the world and also show unity and solidarity within the CFU.”