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Plans to cobble King’s Square in St George’s and pedestrianise the area have been announced.

Deputy Mayor Quinell Francis told the Bermuda Sun that new umbrellas and picnic tables would be in place for the 2014 season.

And she said she hopes that the square will be fully pedestrianised and cobbled by the 2015 summer season.

She added: “This is all about looking at ways we can improve the experience of people visiting King’s Square.

“We have noticed over the last few years that there is not a lot of shade for people to shelter under so we will address that by erecting 18ft umbrellas in time for next year.


“And we also plan on providing picnic tables for people to sit on and enjoy the atmosphere and the re-enactments.”

In 2014 the Corporation of St George’s will also repave two small areas with cobbles with a view to determining which is best suited to be rolled out across the entire King’s Square area the next year.


Ms Francis said: “We have already banned trucks from King’s Square at our busy times so the logical next step is to make the area fully pedestrianized to make it safer for our visitors to walk around.

“We think that making the square cobbled will also bring back the historical look that people associate with St George’s and create the right kind of atmosphere we are looking to achieve.

“We plan to have this done in time for the 2015 season.”