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Families who are in need can head to the Botanical Gardens this weekend and pick up various items without any cost.

Care@Home will host a giveaway on Saturday from 8am to 3pm where families can stock up on items they need just in time for the holidays.

Barbara Williams, director of Care@Home said: “We are a nanny placement agency. Most of our clients are ex-patriats and non-Bermudians.

“They generally have a lot and buy their kids a lot.

“In the spirit of the holidays and what we do, we decide to do a giveaway. We went to all our clients and said please bring in things that you have, anything for children and wewill give it away.”

She continued: “On Saturday, we expect more than 200 families to come to the Botanical Gardens to fill a bag with clothing, shoes, toys and unlimited books.

“Our families have also given some household items such as kitchen/cooking supplies, limited adult clothing. 

“Key sponsors have donated gas, grocery, and Belco vouchers.  We have cases of water, juices, infant formula and baby food to give away. 

“All donations have been received with the young family in mind.   We do have some big ticket donations to give away – bassinets, car seats, an infant bed.”

Ms Williams said families can fill their bags with up to 15 items and books will be unlimited.

There are various charities, church groups and any group that helps to care for children that have been invited to attend.

“We’re very excited about it. We want people to come out, people who need things.

“We can’t police to see if people actually need things, but if you are in need, come out for the giveaway.

“We just want to help families. We’re not a registered charity so there’s no cash whatsoever.

“We have collected things and we’re giving them away according to our rules.”

The event will run from 8am to 3pm or until everything is gone.