Want to spot football fan Paul Fenwick in the crowd in Brazil? Then look out for the man wearing a horse’s head. The 48-year-old yesterday began his ‘holiday of a lifetime’ with wife Becky, which will see them based at Fortaleza in the north of the country and take in nine World Cup games over a 22-day stay.

And if he had room in his case, the England fan, who works for Bermuda Police, will be accompanied by his fetching headwear. But there are unlikely to be many long faces for the couple, who will be doing a World Cup diary for the Sun.

“How excited am I?  On a scale of one to 10, I’m at 20,” said Mr Fenwick, a self-confessed ‘football nut’, who was in Miami for England’s game against Honduras. “England is the home of football but Brazil is the spiritual home – it’s going to be a carnival atmosphere.”