How sweet it is: Manchester United captain Patrice Evra celebrates a victory over Liverpool as Liverpool’s Luis Suarez walks past him. Suarez refused to shake Evra’s hand before the start of the match between the two clubs after serving an eight game ban for racially abusing Evra. *AFP photo
How sweet it is: Manchester United captain Patrice Evra celebrates a victory over Liverpool as Liverpool’s Luis Suarez walks past him. Suarez refused to shake Evra’s hand before the start of the match between the two clubs after serving an eight game ban for racially abusing Evra. *AFP photo

FRIDAY, FEB. 17: The FA Cup takes centre stage this week and should provide some easy marks to get correct with the likes of Stevenage and Crawley fodder for Premier League sides Stoke and Tottenham.

I had six out of 10 right last week and spot on with the score of the Man United-Liverpool match and probably could have predicted that Luis Suarez would act up again.


Chelsea v Birmingham
Now that manger Andre Villas-Boras has given up winning the league title, the club can focus on the two goals at hand — winning the FA Cup and finishing in the top four. The club is 17 points behind Man City with 13 matches to go – that’s just too much ground to make up.
Birmingham still has a legitimate shot to return to the Premier Division and young winger Nathan Redmond believes fitness has been the key to his club’s success this year.
They’ll need it as Chelsea should run circles around them all day.
BDA Sun prediction: 3-1

Everton v Blackpool
Everton is on a hot streak right now and are unbeaten in their last six. That includes victory against heavyweights Man City and Chelsea on their home ground at Goodison Park.
Captain Phil Neville believes the transfusion of new talent in January has helped spark a confidence the club can win.
Blackpool are also battling to earn promotion to the Premier Division. And could be the hottest team in English football with a 15 game unbeaten streak. During that run they have outscored their opponents 33 to 12.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-0

Millwall v Bolton
Millwall has not had much to cheer about this season. Near the bottom of the Championship standings, the club could end up being relegated. They are hoping that former Wolves striker Andy Keough will help rescue them from that fate after his January transfer. At least Millwall is pitted against Premier league strugglers Bolton with the winner of this match likely to make another team’s trip to the semi-finals a cake walk.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-2

Norwich v Leicester
Norwich boss Paul Lambert has done a magnificeint job in managing the Canaries. Much like the juggler who has to perform his craft with arm tied behind his back, Lambert has been operating on a conservative budget.
The club is squaring its book and another FA Cup win will add more to their coffers as they progress in the competition.
Besides having the home ground advantage, Norwich will not have to deal with too many rowdy Leicester fans as the club will only be able to sell 2,400 tickets instead of 4,000 for the FA Cup clash.
Manager Nigel Pearson said: “On the management and players’ side, we recognise that our following is very, very loyal and on the road we get fantastic support and that can potentially make a difference.”
BDA Sun prediction: 3-1

Sunderland v Arsenal
If you are in one of those fantasy football leagues that counts yellow and red cards as well as criminal offences, you would be near the top of the table with a slew of Sunderland selections. Already dealing with Lee Cattermole and Nicklas Bendtner being charged over damaging cars, the club has had to deal with defender Titus Bramble facing four sexual assault charges (which he denies).
Arsenal’s play against AC Milan midweek in the Champions League was more insulting than assaulting. The 4-0 loss left fans reeling at how poorly the team performed.
To add injury to insult, centre-half Laurent Koscielny’s knee will leave the club hurting.
Arsenal beat Sunderland 2-1 in an away fixture so there is no reason to believe the FA Cup game will provide a much different outcome.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-2


Crawley v Stoke
If you love underdogs, then Crawley’s your team this weekend. The Division Two team is looking to spring one more upset. They will be looking for Tyrone Barnett to be the man to help them move past favoured Stoke.
Of course, ‘Track suit’ Tony Pulis will try to keep his squad’s spirt’s up after losing 1-0 to Valencia Thursday night.
It’s been a great season for the squad and, unless they are still dealing with the loss, they should come away with the victory here.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-2

Stevenage v Tottenham
Stevenage got a well-deserved and much-needed away victory against Sheffield Wednesday midweek. The club is looking to earn promotion to League One and Scott Laird’s goal keeps them in frame to make that happen.
Never mind that they are massive underdogs against Tottenham.
The Harry Redknapp as England manager is distracting, but as a 5-0 triumph on Saturday against Newcastle showed, the players are dealing with it in stride.
Redknapp believes that someone could be the England Manager for Euro 2012 on a part-time basis, showing that he does have some interest in the job as long as it does not take him away from Tottenham
BDA Sun prediction: 0-3

Liverpool v Brighton
“Festering mess”. That’s how Gordon Taylor, Professional Footballers Association chief, described the Luis Suarez situation. The Uruguyan made things worse (did you think that was even possible?) after serving his eight-game ban for racially insulting United’s Patrice Evra by not shaking his hand before the club’s game on Saturday.
Taylor said: “If he [Suarez] is going to ignore the decision of a manager then he has to be disciplined — or you get the tail wagging the dog.” Brighton will be looking to exploit any openings the Suarez circus provides, but Liverpool should have too much class to roll over and play dead.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-0