Please go: Blackburn fans are unhappy with the club’s two wins this season. *AFP Photo
Please go: Blackburn fans are unhappy with the club’s two wins this season. *AFP Photo

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16: I wouldn’t call it an Arab Spring-type of protest, but after taking a two-week break several of you wanted me back.

It’s not quite a Sally Fields’ Oscar acceptance-like “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me” but I did have several Facebook messages, a couple of e-mails and stopped on the street being asked if I was going to return to writing the Premier League preview.

It probably has more to do with people getting in my face when I predict their team to lose and they actual manage to stumble upon a goal and pull off a victory.

We are into the busy Christmas period and teams will be playing three games over the next 11 days.


Blackburn v West Brom
I didn’t get my trash picked up on Tuesday. Whatever the problem was, it was taken on Wednesday. I wasn’t happy, but I could live with it. However, if they ‘sanitation engineers’ only showed up two out of 15 times, I’d think that was a fail and they’d need to be replaced.
I’d be especially incensed if works and engineering had splashed out on shiny new trucks and they still weren’t doing their job.
That’s akin to Blackburn boss Steve Kean begging the fans to back the team after they beat *Swansea to pick up their second win in 15 tries — and this is especially galling considering the club are only just behind Arsenal and Man United in spending on agent fees.
They are in dire relegation straits and it’s not too late to save the club with a change. West Brom isn’t in much better shape with four wins but with hardly any money spent on acquiring new players, at least they have an excuse.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-1

Everton v Norwich
Plucky Norwich continues to defy the odds with a mid-table position – four ahead of Everton. Phil Jagielka says the club is stagnating because it has no money to spend on new players.
Everton hasn’t finished below eight in the tables over the past five seasons, and is in danger of doing so this year. But if Jagielka thinks that a club needs to spend money to make a go at it, then he needs to look no further across the field on Saturday to Norwich, who are in the bottom three in terms of spending.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-1

Fulham v Bolton
Fulham have struggled but with them bowing out of the Europa League this week the club can focus on improving their position in the table.
They get bottom club Bolton in what should be a pre-Christmas gift of three points. Bolton’s actually played better on the road so Fulham can’t take them for granted or that gift will turn ito a lump of coal.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-0

Newcastle v Swansea
Newcastle has slipped down the table with a tough stretch of games against the like of United, Chelsea, Man City — and Norwich! Just one point in twelve with a shocking 4-2 loss to Norwich at the tail end of that run.
Whether or not you believe in momentum, Newcastle just came out limp after playing the bog boys and had their tails handed to them by promoted Norwich.
Now they get a chance to swing the momentum the other way with home games against Swansea, West Brom and an away fixture at Bolton over the holiday period.
If that isn’t nine points, then their Euro League dreams will be crushed.
BDA Sun prediction: 3-1

Wolves v Stoke
Wolves have been decent at home and should take care of business against Stoke.
‘Track suit’ Tony Pulis has Stoke playing to the best of their abilities — maybe even over their heads — but they won’t win here.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-0

Wigan v Chelsea
Frank Lampard thinks he should be starting for Chelsea and his run of form would suggest he still has plenty to offer.
But crying in the press about manager’s Andre Villas-Boas about placing him on the bench is not the way to endear yourself to the boss. Still his “I want to play. If I didn’t, there wouldn’t be any point turning up, so maybe there’s a bit of frustration because of that,” you have to like that he has the fire to be a difference-maker.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-3


QPR v Man Utd
United being booted out of the Champions League means the club will lose between $21M to $27M according to one expert.  Defender Patrice Evra said: “ It is embarrassing to be in the Europa League. I play for Manchester United to be in the Champions League. It’s a catastrophe.” The club could be more motivated to win the league with that hanging over them.  Wolves felt the wrath last week, QPR should expect the same.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-4

Aston Villa v Liverpool
Liverpool may have beaten QPR 1-0 (really – only 1-0 in a home match versus QPR?), but the club is on the verge of a meltdown. The club has been charged with failing to control their players in that match and Luis Suarez was charged with improper conduct when he let the **Craven Cottage fans know who was #1 by using his middle fingers.
The Suarez problem may be taken care of today as the FA is expected to announce a disciplinary decision over his alleged racial slur against Everton’s Evra.
Villa have a golden opportunity to put sword to Liverpool and rub some salt in their wounds.
BDA Sun prediction: 2-1

Tottenham v Sunderland
Boss Harry Redknapp expects Tottenham to go after a “special player” in the January transfer window to keep them in the top four. Which they should be after a victory here, then sets up a tantalizing match against third place Chelsea next Thursday.
BDA Sun prediction: 1-0

Man City v Arsenal
Andre Santos, Arsenal’s solid left-back will be out for three months after injuring his ankle against Greek side Olympiakos. That’s not the news Arsene Wenger wanted to hear on the eve of a match against Man City. The league’s most potent goal-scoring machine.
BDA Sun prediction: 3-2

* It originally had Sunderland, but should have read Swansea.
**Originally had Anfield and should have said Craven Cottage. 

That's what I get for rushing.