The motoring public is advised that the following road and parking rules will be in effect from 6pm until 9pm Saturday, December 7th regarding the 2013 Christmas Boat Parade.

One Way Street

Harbour Road, between Manse Road and Stowe Hill travelling in an easterly direction.

The Lane, between Stowe Hill and North Roundabout in an easterly direction.


Parking will be permitted on the north side of Harbour Road between Manse Road and Lovers Lane.

No Parking

Parking will not be permitted on Manse Road (either side).

Parking will not be permitted on Chapel Road (either side).

Parking will not be permitted on Cavendish Road (either side).

The Bermuda Police Service is also authorized to close off streets or portions of streets, restrict and authorize parking as the Commissioner of Police decides.

Drivers are reminded of the provisions of Section 13 (4) (i) of the Road Traffic Act 1947 which prohibits the parking of vehicles on sidewalks.

In addition, police officers will be monitoring the designated areas and any vehicle found to be blocking the roadway or flow of traffic, parked illegally or parked in a dangerous manner may be ticketed or removed.