*iStock photo on right
*iStock photo on right

A charity that feeds Bermuda’s hungry is suffering after a vandal broke into their facility and stole three laptops.

The Daily Bread programme, run by The Eliza Dolittle Society, is now operating on one laptop and a tablet.

The burglar broke into their premises on October 6 and also stole four food vouchers.

Margaret Ward, executive director, told the Bermuda Sun: “We came in to get some pans to get some food and one window was wide open.

“Whoever broke in, they climbed in the window and they took all of our computers except one laptop. Two of the laptops were brand new — only two months old.”

Ms Ward said the laptop had all the charities information on it, but thankfully they backed the computers up when they were purchased.

She added: “There were also four food vouchers stolen. We don’t keep any cash on the property.

‘The food vouchers are donated and they were for two seniors. We know the people who bought the vouchers.”

Asked how the charity is managing without its laptops, Ms Ward said: “We’re suing the older one.

“I have two volunteers here today who are recreating some of the spread sheets. We just have to redo it.

“I’m using a little tablet which is not good to be on all day, but at least I can do work.

“The idea of having the laptops is that we can take them with us for presentations.”

Ms Ward said there have been offers for various computer parts, but the charity needs complete computers with programmes on them.

She also said the laptops were bought at a discounted rate from Complete Office two months ago.

As for the burglar, Ms Ward said: “We are praying for this person who took them.

“They obviously know tis is a place that is here to help people. I hope that person can get the help.”