Canadian expats celebrated their national holiday on Warwick Long Bay beach on Saturday. *Photo courtesy of
Canadian expats celebrated their national holiday on Warwick Long Bay beach on Saturday. *Photo courtesy of

Bermuda’s Canadian expat population toasted the maple leaf and blasted out some Bryan Adams today as they celebrated Canada Day on Warwick Long Bay beach.

The national holiday, which is officially held on Monday, July 1, marks the official joining of the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada to form the country in 1867.

Around 600 people got in the patriotic spirit of things in the blazing sunshine, bringing the Canuck flavour to the Bermuda coastline.

And it was a good one, eh? Canada merchandise was available, while the bar and BBQ did a roaring trade to a permanent backdrop of the finest tunes the country has produced.

Musician Will Black, from Toronto, put on a special Canada Day gig at Hogg Penny and was on music and MC duties at the beach.

“It’s been an awesome day, with a great turnout,” said Black, who is the vice president of the day’s organising committee. “We were expecting 500 but we got 600/700. And the weather’s been awesome.”

He added: “It’s a chance for expats away from friends and family on a big national holiday to celebrate with other Canadians, it provides a taste of home, a good vibe, Canadian music, chance to sing the national anthem and we even had a Canada Day cake.

"It’s nice to see the camaraderie and a bit of patriotism. There will be a lot of events going on back home this weekend as the holiday falls on Monday.

“Homesick? A little bit… but it’s hard to be homesick when there’s weather like this and you wake up to this sea every day!”

The well-established celebrations on the island used to be held at Chaplain Bay but have made a successful move to Warwick Long Bay.

Volunteer Colleen McCormick, from Ontario, has lived in Bermuda for eight years and helped with the merchandise stall.

“It’s nice to see all the Canadians! And I think it’s good for the kids to see the all the Canadian people and hear the music.”

She added: “So many people left the island the last few years so we are trying to revive it and make it bigger. There’s a ton of Canadians in Bermuda, a lot of Bermudians are married to Canadians of course.

“If anyone has any new ideas for ways to celebrate Canada Day, get in touch.”

For more information on Canada Day in Bermuda log on to or go to the Association of Canadians in Bermuda's Facebook page.