A set of commemorative stamps to honour those involved in the theatre boycott has been released to the public this week.

The stamp collection contains images from artists Robert Barritt, Charles Lloyd Tucker, Chesley Trott and an image from Errol Williams' film about the boycott, 'When Voices Rise.'

Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce Terry Lister said:

"As one of the most powerful events in Bermuda's history, the 1959 Theatre Boycott has been immortalised in painting, sculpture, film and now in this commemorative stamp issue.

"The boycott got under way as our 350th anniversary celebrations were in full swing and now we recognize this event as part of our 400th anniversary. I should say that the Bermuda which celebrates its 400th is a very different Bermuda from that which celebrated its 350th and in no small part due to the heroic work of these fine outstanding Bermudians whom we honour tonight."

"The Theatre Boycott was the brainchild of the Progressive Group, a group of young adults who went past their deepest fear and realised they could do something that would show they were powerful beyond measure.

"It took only two weeks for the boycott to achieve its goal of desegregation in theatres."

Minister of Culture and Social Rehabilitation Neletha Butterfield, added:

"In 1999, after years of secrecy, members of the Progressive Group agreed to have their identity collectively revealed - some for the first time. As shared by Dr. Stanley Ratteray, president of the Progressive Group, their anonymous efforts contributed to their success and it was also a symbol of the unjust time that they felt they must avoid exposure."

In 2002, the late Errol Williams presented Bermuda with his documentary, "When Voices Rise," capturing the courageous and complex story of the Progressive Group members.

Also to commemorate the boycott the Corporation of Hamilton plans to construct a park commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Theatre Boycott. A bronze statue by local artist Chesley Trott will stand at the original site of the protest.