A reader of last week’s column expressed that she would be “lost” not having my column to read each week once the last one appears next Friday.

I assured her she would be just fine but from that comment came a discussion on the limitations people set upon themselves.

Why do people wait for others to do something that they themselves deem equally important?

Why can’t people realize their own strengths and abilities to simply get something done?


Each of us has strengths — those things we do well.

There are outstanding qualities people know we have and will call upon when they themselves need assistance.  

Then there are those who don’t even know they have certain strengths because they’re too afraid to show them. 

They allow, perhaps, the fear of failure or the thoughts of what others might think to cloud their success.

The strengths we possess should never be allowed to be stifled by others’ criticisms. 

The world is made up of all kinds of people with all kinds of ideas and abilities. 

What you have to say or do is valuable.

On the flip side of the coin are our weaknesses — those things we know we can’t do and perhaps, don’t even attempt to try.

And if trying will be to the detriment of ourselves or to others then it may be best that we don’t.  

But again, those things we don’t view as strengths can certainly play a vital part in shaping or determining what we do — and perhaps even who we will become.

Weaknesses, if left unaddressed, can keep an individual inhibited and sheltered for fear of simply trying.

Life has its moments of odd twists and turns and I suppose there are many who truly believe that if we just wait around long enough, we can wait for things to happen that we can only wish to come true.

Summon the courage  

Then time passes and before long years have gone by and that which we didn’t have the courage to do is still left undone. 

I encourage you today to “take the bull by the horns” and try something new and different. 

Try to address a weakness you know you possess and set out on a path to turn it into a strength — something you can use to your advantage.  

Know and believe that you are much greater than you give yourself credit for. 

Shawnette Somner is a mother and educator.  Email: ss911@myhome.bm