I’ve made a decision to finish writing the weekly columns for the Bermuda Sun with the last one to appear on Friday, November 8.  

My reasons are few but one has much to do with the topic of this column today. I’ll call it the blah feeling.

Last week I had a conversation with a very well-known, active and pro-active member of our community and I asked the traditional question — how are you doing?  

Too often, people ask that question and don’t wait around or tune in for the answer.  

When I ask that question, I make a concerted effort to listen to the answer, albeit most of us will respond with the normal, “Fine, thank you.” 

In my conversation with this particular individual came a response I never expected.   

I’ve always known this person to be upbeat, positive, giving, and overall one who is constantly doing for others.  

The response to my question was, “I’m in a funk right now that I just can’t seem to shake. I don’t want to see anybody or talk to anybody.” It took me by surprise.   

We chatted about the situation and the person expressed that for all they do, they just don’t see progress as it should be.  I concur.

Within the next couple of days, a friend posted on facebook  the same “down in the dumps” feeling she was experiencing. I sent a private message to remind the individual to remind them of all the wonderful qualities I know about them and to share some words of encouragement. 

Quality of life

These are only two of the numerous individuals that have shared with me over the past several months their blah feeling.  

People are not necessarily depressed in the sense that most of us think about it — as in requiring a visit to the doctor for medication – but rather just feeling like the quality of life is all but non-existent.  

People are working super hard and feeling no personal reward — and even if there was a moment to socialize, feel depleted of hard earned funds to really have a great relaxing time.   And then there are those who don’t work, or who freeload off others, but join in on the blah feeling wagon anyway to justify their worthless cause.  

I know of so many people who are constantly giving, doing, sharing,  and helping and yet feel trapped on the fast paced hamster wheel of life going around and around in circles with the end result being exhaustion.   

These people continue to find the energy to repeat giving their best day in and day out – and when all is said and done it seems nobody is listening and worst yet, that nobody even cares.   


I understand that probably more than anyone.  I force myself to socialize if for no other reason because it’s important — even if I’m tired.   

Yet I get tired of people constantly telling me about all the good I’ve done and continue to do — for others.  Well what about me? 

Like so many, I work, then I leave work to work some more, then I go home to engage in all the normal duties therein and then I’m so exhausted I collapse into a restless night’s sleep — because there’s still so much left undone. But alas! 

Morning comes and I have another opportunity to do it all again.  I’m making the same statement that so many others are making:  There’s got to be more to life than this.  

So I’m on a journey to find it and to look out for me.  

I’ve reached the point of not wanting to do anything more than what I have to do — and just as I was shocked to hear the sentiments of my friends going through the blah feeling, people are equally shocked hearing those sentiments from me.  

I continue to remind myself of the words that I simply share to others caught in this “funk”: This too shall pass. I hope! 

Shawnette Somner is a mother and educator.  Email: ss911@myhome.bm