WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30: Former Bermuda Housing Corporation chief Vance Campbell was today unveiled as the latest PLP candidate for the next General Election.

Mr Campbell, 51, will stand in Smith’s West against OBA MP Trevor Moniz, who won the seat comfortably in 2007 as the United Bermuda Party candidate.

Mr Campbell, from Devonshire, an accountant and chief financial officer for construction trade supplier SAL Trading, said his background in community work would help him in canvassing the constituency.

He added: “My roles in various charitable and community organisations have kept me in touch with challenges facing teens, adults and seniors in Bermuda.

Mr Campbell said the major challenges facing the island were the economy — particularly tourism — crime and education.

He added: “Drawing on my background, I tend to look at things differently, unconventionally, and the gravity of the situation today requires unconventional thinking.”

Introducing Mr Campbell at Alaska Hall, Premier Paula Cox said he was “young, gifted and qualified” with wide-ranging community interests.

She added: “I am proud to have him as a member of what I consider to be a very worthy team.”