FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16: Getting education right is the key to solving the violence plaguing the island.

This is according to One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) leader Craig Cannonier, who spoke at an OBA mixer tonight.

Asked by an audience member what the party will do to end the violence, Mr Cannonier said: "We have lost a generation and we're going to have to pay for that generation unfortunately until they pass away and that's because we have done nothing to rehabilitate them while they are incarcerated."

Mr Cannonier spoke harshly about men being released early from jail on parole and then committing further offences.

He continued: "First of all right now we have got to ensure that the next generation coming along gets a good education.

"Those who are incarcerated, we must not allow ourselves to be destitute financially where our social programmes fall."

The purpose of the mixer, at Docksiders in Hamilton, was to allow young people to come out and address their concerns. OBA MPs and members were in attendance along with members of the public.

Attendees were given a free drink and finger foods after completing a survey.

They were encouraged to ask questions, which were answered by MPs and hopeful MPs.