SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6: Bermuda must spend more money now educating our children instead of using it to lock them up later.

This is according to One Bermuda Alliance Leader Craig Cannonier.

Mr Cannonier made the comments at an open mic night last night at Moon Night Club.

Asked what an OBA budget would look like, Mr Cannonier said “balanced”.

“One of the challenges, what I have a concern with is we spend $85,000  to up lock up our young men.

“But for very child that goes to public school, we pay $25,000.

“There’s something wrong with the system when we spend more to lock people up then to educate them.”

Mr Cannonier said if the money was spent properly in the first place, maybe so many young men wouldn’t be locked up.

“We have to spend the money now, rather than later.”

Future Group, the youth syndicate of the OBA held the event for Bermudians to voice their concerns, ideas and solutions for a better Bermuda.

The event was held at the Moon Nightclub and was hosted by Power Girl Trina.

Attendees signed in as they came.

They were encouraged to fill out a survey with all their information and at the bottom, choose their top three issues plaguing Bermuda.

Once the survey was completed, each person was given two drink tickets and encouraged to eat from the buffet.

Close to forty people came out in the stormy weather and the crowd was mainly young people, a mix of black and white.

Topics discussed included racism, tourism, the economy, budgeting, crime, education and more.

Anyone could ask a question but they had to sign up on a sheet and answers were provided by various members of the OBA.

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier welcomed everyone to the event and said he was looking forward to hearing and answering the questions.

“Many times we make assumptions based on what we see.

“We have got to get at a point where we stop and listen to one another and get to know one another.

Power Girl Trina asked what would the OBA do to empower Bermuda’s young men.

Nalton Brangman said: “To empower out young men it takes first to identify where we put their strengths to work.

‘That may not make sense to you but most men don’t learn like women do.

“If you draw them a chart with the steps they need to get there, they will lock in.”

He continued: “We have to design education for men .

“A failed educated young man does his own thing.

“In order to empower the, we have to direct them.

“It can happen but we have to invest in our men, education, socially and in the home.”

Speaking on the disconnect between politicians and everyday people, Mr Cannonier said: “The people are looking up to their politicians in pain.

“I can’t buy groceries, I can’t find housing.

‘What the system says is our people are under water and they need some air.

“Maybe we should use a plastic tube or a wooden tube.

“Then we say we better get a committee to decide the best way to get oxygen to them.”

He continued: “Then we say let’s get a consultant and the consultant comes in and then all the people say all you need to do is get the oxygen to them right now.

“We must treat each other like we are people.

“We are treating one another like objects and that’s when the people suffer.”