SUNDAY, JANUARY 22: Regiment raw recruits got their first break today after a gruelling inaugural week as part of the island’s defence force.

Recruits for boot camp were dismissed for a day’s leave, but only after a tough weekend, including a five-mile road race on Saturday.

Captain Kenji Bean, second-in-command of Warwick Camp’s training company, said: “It’s been a pretty good camp so far and we hoping that continues into the second week.”

He added there had only been minor disciplinary problems and one injury which rendered a recruit unfit to complete initial training.

Capt Bean said: “We had a young man who broke his ankle on Tuesday during physical fitness training – but he has come back on crutches to support his platoon.

“And the Regimental Police has had a quiet week. No one has been charged with any disciplinary offences.”

The five-mile road race was won by one of the new recruits, with Regiment adjutant Captain Ben Beasley, 31, coming in second.

Capt Bean said the general level of fitness varied as the conscription process drew people from all sections of the community.

He added: “The Regiment is a big melting plot, so we get people from all walks of life. We have people who are unfit, some who are okay and some who are very fit – the football players, other sportspeople.”

Capt Beasley, a former Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force, said: “The recruits were also able to get their first live firing practice and, from what I hear, they did pretty well.”

The Regiment took 80 recruits for the 2012 intake out of a pool of 84, including 19 volunteers, 10 of whom were women, who reported to Warwick Camp last weekend.