MONDAY, NOV. 28: Former Government senator Walton Brown was today officially announced as the new PLP candidate for the seat held by National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief.

Mr Brown will take over from Mr Perinchief in the Pembroke Central constituency for the next General Election.

The pollster, political pundit and former Bermuda College lecturer has made no secret of his commitment to Bermuda’s independence from the UK.

He said: “We live in a very complex world and one in which the UK has become a bit more active in many of our affairs.”

But he added Bermuda was ready to assume “greater authority to address our challenges globally” although he said the recent Overseas Territories Consultative Council meeting in London proved that “any dialogue that is based on mutual respect and identification of our interests can only be good for our country.”

But Mr Brown said: “Independence is certainly one of the items on our agenda.”

The seat is regarded as a safe PLP seat, with Mr Perinchief taking more than 56 per cent of the vote compared to the then-UBP’s 39.6 per cent notched up by candidate Austin Warner. The third candidate, Independent Jarold Darrell, took around 3 per cent of the vote.

Mr Brown said: “I’m taking nothing for granted – I’m going to work hard to win the support of the voters. I’ve been a supporter of the PLP since 1985 and I’ve always been able to articulate my views as I understand the issues.”

Premier Paula Cox, who announced Mr Brown’s official adoption at the PLP’s Alaska Hall, praised Mr Brown’s “intellectual capacity.

She added: “I see him as a 21st century thinker who is always prepared to think outside the box.”