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The Bermuda Volleyball Association’s National Team Committee announced on Monday the final rosters for the indoor and beach Volleyball Teams representing Bermuda at this summer’s Island Games.

Men’s indoor coach Bill Bucci is optimistic about his young team’s chances, saying in a press release: “The men's team is very excited about the upcoming games. We had a very good experience at the US Open recently and are building on the things we learned from competing in that tournament.

“We have players on the team who have been with the program since Bermuda competed in its first Island Games like Jon Gazzard, Mike Gazzard and Gary LeBlanc, plus younger up and coming players. Of the twelve rostered players five of them are under the age of 23 and have come up through the ranks of the BVA Junior National Team Program: they are Ian Bucci, Brian Amaro, Daniel Fiddick, Joshua Malpas and Eron Woods. Our team is rounded out with Brad Meindersma, Dave Gletsu, Philipp Meihe and Yves Charbonneau.”

The men’s beach teams will be made up of two sets of partners: Dave Gazzard and Charbonneau and Sebastien Iaxx and Wesley Toaves.

Bucci added: “We have a very strong team and have been training hard since January. We’re looking forward to stepping onto the court and giving each match our all.”

The women’s indoor team will be made up of: Stacey Dorush, Melissa Fiddick, Wendy Gazzard, Allison Lacoursiere, Lisa LeBlanc, Sarah Mentzel, Denise Millican, Khianda Pearman-Watson, Elisabeth Rae, Alana Rathbun Swiss, Vikki Stevenson, and Heather Wearmouth.

The women’s beach teams will be made up of two sets of partners: Dorush and Wearmouth and Lacoursier and Claudia Stich.