Garvin Phillips
Garvin Phillips

Mr. Bermuda Garvin Phillips will rest his Central American and Caribbean Body Building and Fitness Champion-ships crown on the line in Aruba this weekend.

The 39-year-old policemen has left no stone unturned in his preparations and is confident he can achieve his primary objective in the Caribbean.

He said: “I am feeling quite confident, as per usual, but mostly because this year I have taken extra time to be more prepared.”

Phillips, a seven time national champion in his native St. Vincent and the Grenadines, claimed top honours in the Men’s Super Heavyweight division at last year’s CAC Body Building and Fitness Championships by default.

He originally placed third in his respective weight class but was bumped up to first after the two rivals above him tested positive for a banned substance.

Phillips has stepped his game up a notch or two in recent years with the advice of others.

He said: “What I have incorporated is a few tips from some other body builders because one can never know everything alone.”

The six ft., three in. athlete has adjusted his diet and placed more emphasis on cardiovascular exercises in the hope of gaining the decisive edge in Aruba.

He added: “I’m already seeing the results and hopefully this will be good enough for me to take the top spot.”

Though confident, Phillips realizes his task won’t be easy.


“This is the highest level as far as regional (competition) is concerned. I have been competing there (CAC championships) on and off for the past decade and the standard has just been getting higher and higher because guys are attuned as to how to peak their bodies and so forth. You also have better gyms coming online within the Caribbean, hence the standard is going upwards.”

Also flying Bermuda’s banner in the Caribbean are Mrs. Bermuda Susan Rebello, Antonio Soaras, Javon Dill, Leroy Maxwell, Caroly Erasmus, Betty Doyling, Deon Breary and Kimeka Wilson.

Accompanying the island’s team to Aruba are coach Melanie Derosa and Bermuda Body Building and Fitness Federation president Dennis Wainwright, whose expectations for success remain high.

He said: “Everybody has trained hard on every detail, and so we are expecting them to put on a great show at the CAC championships.”

Bermuda’s CAC Body Building and Fitness Championships team was selected from respective class winners of this year’s Annual Night of Champions held at CedarBridge Academy.

“I think we have a very fine team that is the result of a very successful Night of Champions,” added Wainwright. “They came prepared to put on a show and as a result we were able to pick a very good team.

“We have five body builders, which is a bit unusual, and so we are very happy with the team and look forward to success.”

Team Bermuda depart for Aruba today.