At the start of Saturday night's kickboxing demo Reuben Bean sprang from his corner and smashed his opponent full in the thigh with an explosive roundhouse kick that left him reeling on the ropes.

It was a ferocious opening move that drew gasps from the crowd, assembled for the Police Black-Tie Boxing Night,

But according to Bean, one of the founders of full contact kickboxing in Bermuda, Saturday's demo was just a brief taste of the intensity fans can expect at next month's Fight Fest.

"We were going at about 10-15 per cent on Saturday. Next time it will be no-hold's barred."

The fledgling San Shou Association, formed by Bean and Garron Wilkinson with a view to sending a Bermuda team to the Beijing Olympics in 2008, holds its first major event on November 18.

Top class fighters from Trinidad, Canada and the U.S. will take on Bermuda's best at Number One shed in a night of full-on bone crushing, internal haemorrhaging violence.

For the uninitiated, San Shou is one of the most brutal martial arts.

There's no point sparring here, it's all about doing whatever it takes to put the other guy on the canvas.

As Bean says, diplomatically: "The ultimate goal is to knock your opponent to the floor without him being able to get back up again and continue the fight."

Bouts are contested over three intense two-minute rounds. If you thought the Teacher's Fight Night was tough, this is a different gear altogether.

"People are very excited about it. They are looking for a more realistic form of martial arts and we are happy to provide them with it. The response has been wonderful.

"Saturday was about showing good technique, good ringmanship and giving people a little taste of what they can expect. I think people liked what they saw.

"We have got some really good fighters coming down from Canada, The U.S. and Trinidad, who we met at the PanAm games in Toronto, so it should be a really competitive night.

"We are looking to jam the entire facility and I'm sure that's what will happen. People like to see the mental fortitude, the emotional strength and the physical ability of individuals in stressful situations.

"It will be highly intensive, full impact fighting at its best."

Bean and Wilkinson started San Shou in Bermuda with a three round demo at last year's Police Boxing night. Since then they have been on a recruitment drive and have assembled a team that travelled to the PanAm games and is in training for the Olympics.

The other four fighters on Saturday were Nathan Dill, Otero Smith, Khalid Pitcher and Jamol Woolridge.

All six will be involved in competitive bouts on November 18, with Bean still looking to add to the team.

There will also be other martial arts demos from world-class fighters on the island for Sifu Al Wharton's tournament, held on the same weekend.