Referee Steve Smog is flanked by Teresa Perozzi, left, and Tori Nelson at Thursday's press conference.
Referee Steve Smog is flanked by Teresa Perozzi, left, and Tori Nelson at Thursday's press conference.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1: Teresa Perozzi says she’ll do all her talking in the ring tomorrow night when she takes on American Tori Nelson in Fight Night 15: The Rematch at Berkeley Institute.

The Bermudian southpaw wants to put the result beyond doubt this time after the pair slugged out a majority draw in their last encounter at the Fairmont Southampton in October.

The two came together for the first time since that controversial decision in Hamilton yesterday and Perozzi shrugged off her undefeated opponent’s bullish prediction of victory.

She said: “I’m not concerned [by Nelson]. Any other fight wouldn’t have felt right to me. We’ve got to do it. We need a result.

She added: “I’m leaving my talking for the ring. I’m not a trash talker. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re not going to get it. I’ve put 110 per cent effort into my training and I’m ready.”

 With just one knockout between them, the fight is likely to rely on the judges once again.

Familiarity hasn’t exactly bred contempt but the stakes undoubtedly feel higher this time around.

Perozzi said: “I think it will be a better fight to be honest. I don’t think either one of us expects exactly the same thing, you’d be stupid to think you’re going to get exactly that.

“I expect better from both of us. So we’ll see Saturday night. I think we both feel confident and that’s great, that’s going to make a great fight.

“Tori’s a tough girl, I’m a tough girl – of course we would both love a knockout but it’s going to be tough for both of us.”

A win for Perozzi would unify the WBC with her  WBA World Middleweight belt, and she believes she’s primed to do just that.

“Right now it’s all mental, we’ve put in the physical work.

“I’m not even dwelling on the last fight — everyone keeps bringing it up but that’s done with. We have to do one at a time and this is it.”

The crowd favourite is also delighted the rematch is once again on the island.

“I’ve done this long enough so I can handle the pressure,” she said.

“I’ve asked for this for a long time and in Bermuda, it’s finally happening. It’s been a 10-year struggle so I’m very grateful it’s here and I’m just happy.

“I’m confident, but whichever way the fight goes, I’m just grateful it’s here and the fans love it. I know they support me.”