Example: Nahki Wells in action for Bradford City against Swansea at Wembley. *AFP photo
Example: Nahki Wells in action for Bradford City against Swansea at Wembley. *AFP photo
My team here — Baltimore Blast — is doing fantastically well.

We won the Major Indoor Soccer League regular season with a record of 21-5 and we’re now getting ready for the play-offs. 

As the rest of the teams in the league finish this weekend, it means we will have to wait until Sunday to find out who we will play in the first round.

The playoff series is best of three,  with the third game being a mini game.

If we get through the first round we will play for the championship the following weekend. 

As we have been in this position many times before, it’s now the time to pull everything together because we will not get a second chance.

Okay, that’s enough about the team. I want to talk about a proud moment I had last week.

When I found out Nahki  Wells would be playing at Wembley last weekend, I thought it would be good to go to my favourite sports bar and restaurant to enjoy this great moment.

This is the one place where I get to relax and watch all the games.

And this one was special because I got to direct everyone’s attention in the bar to number 21 for Bradford City.

With 12 TVs in the place I made sure to have each one of them on BeIN Sports and made sure the sound was up loud so people could hear when the commentators said the name “Nahki Wells”.

I felt like a little kid watching my favourite cartoon.

The moment I saw Mr Wells on the field at the centre spot at Wembley is when I realized how proud I truly was of him.

I really had no concerned over Swansea winning but more of a feeling of pride that I was watching a young man from Bermuda playing on one of the biggest stages.


To all my young people I hope you understand that all things are possible, but nothing will be given to you. 

As I am sure, many of you watched the game and many are there saying “I could be there as well”.

That’s fine — as long as you identify it is about more than just having talent. You will need to work hard and make sacrifices for the goal to be achieved. 

Nahki is a prime example of a young man that followed his dream and was not stopping or letting anything get in his way.

Wishing you the best

Nahki I am wishing you all the best and I look forward in seeing you plenty more times on my TV. You have all the tools for greatness, continue to stay focused and continue to dream big.

Until next time! 

David Bascome, MBE, is the founder and chairman of Hope4Life foundation.