Without a doubt, Teachers Fight Night is one of the sporting highlights on the Bermuda calendar.

The night of fisticuffs features average Joes - accountants, policemen, journalists, bankers - who are willing to step into the ring to see what it's all about.

Organizer James 'Herbie' Adderley promises this year will be even better with a night packed full of bouts - but the showman wouldn't mind getting a few more people signed up for the big event.

So far he has 14 fights lined up - four of which are all women fights.

Adderley said one of the reasons there are so many more women bouts this years is because ladies rugby has really taken off.

He was also pleased to see former Caribbean champion Trace Easton back in training "but we don't have anyone to fight him - no one will fight him. Plus he's got too much experience."

Another boxer back in training is Bruno Parker, but Adderley said finding a fair opponent for him to match up against was a difficulty.

He added there were a couple of tricky situations in trying to get a few of the bouts finalized. "We have some age issues," he said. "We have a 20-year-old fighting a 17-year-old and the cutoff is 19."

Adderley said he had another boxer, Will Gonsalves, who is 35, but can't box because he's over the 33 age limit posed on amateur boxers.

"I also have a girl who goes 34 four days before the fight and am hoping that one can go through."

He added that Larak Ingram should be making his debut and whom boxing coach Chucky Renaud thinks very highly of.

Ingram's opponent is set to be Daniel Burgess and Adderley figures that should be a good fight.

Of course, there will be plenty of rugby players signed on to duke it out. Tom Healey will once again be one of the favourites from Renegades while Tom "Tank' Greenslade will represent Teachers in the event.

Anyone interested in joining in the fisticuff festivities may contact Adderley at 337-8880 or e-mail Teachers Rugby Football Club at trfc@logic.bm.